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dance classes for boys and girlsFrequently Asked Questions

Can I watch my child’s dance lessons?
There are two Parent Observation Days throughout the dance year. Observation windows will remain open during classes on Parent Observations Days. Parents are welcome to enter the dance studio to observe the last 15 minutes of their child’s class on Parent Observation Days. Observation days are held during your child’s last dance lesson in the months of December and April. Click here to view our studio calendar.

Why does my child need to wear "dance attire" to class?
In order for the instructor to give your child proper feedback and instruction, student’s need to wear form-fitting dance attire, as well as their hair pulled back away from the face. Click here for Dress Code details.

I need to run errands; can I drop my child off early?
We ask that you drop off your child no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of class and pick up no later than 10 minutes after class has ended.

My child takes 2-3 classes in a row, if I send a snack with her, will she be allowed to eat it at the studio?
Dancers taking multiple classes are allowed to have a snack. An office staff member will have the dancers eat their snacks in the outdoor seating area.

Why is full tuition due during months with 3 or less class meetings?
Tuition is based on 36 class meetings September through June, therefore, there will be no extra charge for fifth week lessons, as these lessons are used to offset the days when the studio is closed, Recital Dress Rehearsal and Picture Day (see WSD Calendar).

What does the recital fee cover?
The recital fee covers the recital facility rental, recital program costs as well as other costs related to producing the recital.

Does my child have to participate in the annual recital?
Although the Wings School of Dance recital is not a mandatory event, all students are encouraged to participate. The recital offers our students a professionally directed performance that allows them to present the results of a year’s hard work, commitment and progress.

Why does my child need to wear makeup at performance events?
To avoid a washed-out look, dancers need to wear makeup to counterbalance stage/performance lighting.  •  (831) 471-8483  •  Facebook   •  Instagram

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